Flamingo beach Aruba – Flamingo beach

While pig beach has been on our travel bucket list for a while, flamingo beach Aruba is the new place everyone is talking about. And we’re desperate to go! In case you haven’t already seen it filling up your Instagram feed, flamingo beach essentially does what it says on the tin – wild and exotic flamingos roam around the shoreline of a beach, allowing you to get up close and see them in the flesh.

Here’s a detailed explainer on everything you need to know about flamingo beach, from where it’s located, how you get there, and what you can do when you’re actually there.

Where is flamingo beach?

Flamingo beach is situated on a small island just off the coast of Aruba, one of the Lesser Antilles located in the sourthern Caribbean Sea. It’s 19 miles long and 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela – making the mainland visible some days.

The island, named Renaissance Island, is actually privately owned by the Renaissance Aruba Resort, so if you’re desperate to definitely see the flamingos? Might be time to book in! The hotel has 556 guest rooms, as well as a casino and three beach bars, a spa, health club and more. But who needs that when you’ve got flamingos?!

The adult-only beach is also accessible for those not staying at the hotel, costing around $125 (£100) to visit. Providing the hotel is not fully booked, non-guests can nab one of the 30 visitor tickets and head for a day at the beach, accessible through the hotel.

Tickets can be booked online from 7am, but are only valid for passes booked for the next day. May the odds be ever in your favour!


How do you get to flamingo beach?

      The closest airport to Renaissance Island is situated in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. From here, the hotel offers transfers to the island – and more importantly, flamingo beach Aruba – every 15 minutes, so guests can enjoy the pink birds in all their glory.

      The water taxi over to the island takes roughly eight minutes, but you have to either be a hotel at the guest or own one of the golden tickets to get on board. Sadly no unplanned visits allowed (damn).

      Are the flamingos friendly?

      Many reports say that because the beach has long been popular with tourists, the flamingos are relatively human friendly, and won’t run away when you try to take a photo with them. There’s actually a vending machine of food present on the island, so you can feed the pink birds.

      Is there anything else you should know about flamingo beach?

          • Flamingo beach Aruba is adult only, but children are allowed to visit between 9am-10am every day.
          • There aren’t a huge amount of flamingos, with around six birds living on the beach full time – though some reports claim other flamingos do occasionally come to visit.
          • The best time to see and feed the flamingos is around 8am, when flamingo beach Aruba is less busy with day-trippers, and other guests may not be up yet.
          • The island is open to guests from 7 am to 6 pm each day, so you can spend a whole 11 hours on flamingo beach if you so please.

                That’s our next holiday sorted.

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                Author: JohnB